For over twenty years The Label Factory has been generating and producing barcode labels.
Whether it’s a simple label containing a single barcode or complex sets of barcodes requiring the use of software and databases, we can help you. If you are not familiar with barcodes call us and we can guide you through the process.

  • Also known as Identification labels or Property labels they are used to identify anything from furniture, equipment, tools and computers. Generally the label is expected to last many years and needs to tolerate certain environmental conditions. Ask us what we would recommend for your situation.

  • Barcodes requiring check digit generation

    Some specialist barcoding requires the inclusion of a check digit to ensure the scanner reads the image correctly. We have the expertise to produce the software enabling the function and produce the labels. The check digit feature is very much a requirement for the pathology industry and is often used elsewhere.

  • Barcodes are often applied to filing systems for quick identification when using a scanner.¬†We can produce simple sequential barcode labels or more complex items containing additional identifiers.

  • The pathology industry generally has a specific requirement for barcodes involving specialist software or algorithms. Formatting and suitable adhesives are also critical to their needs. The Label Factory has the expertise and knowledge to accommodate the most complex of requirements or produce a simple range of sequentially numbered barcodes.