• Barcoding patient records and medications can ensure their requirements are managed securely.

  • Retail products

    All retail stores require products to include a barcode on the label. We can incorporate the barcode into the design of the main label or produce a separate label if required. If you have not used barcodes previously contact us to guide you through the requirements.

  • Sequential barcoding

    However simple or complex the sequential numbering or coding requirement of your barcode labels we have the expertise to cater. You may only need to provide a number sequence, alternatively you may require us to print from your database.

  • Storage / shelving identification

    Parts bins labels, shelving labels and racking labels are just a few of the labels required to efficiently identify storage within warehouses and factories. We can produce these in both paper and vinyl stocks, sequentially numbered or barcoded. We can also print from your database file.