Artwork Specifications

At The Label Factory we welcome you supplying your own digital artwork. So we have put together the required specifications below to help you supply it in the right formats.

We’re also very happy to offer you our own design services. Simply chat to us about bringing your ideas to fruition in a stunning and creative label design that sets your brand apart.

Our team is highly experienced and able to advise on and manage all your label files down to the right dot level to maximise the print result. They’re always willing to answer your technical questions so just go ahead and ask!

Supplying your own artwork?

Please ensure it meets the following specifications:

Size & fonts
  • Artwork must be supplied at 100% with all fonts converted to paths. Alternatively, provide fonts.
  • We prefer artwork to be provided in a vector format – Ai, PDF etc.
  • Any bitmap or raster images must be supplied at no less than 300dpi
Keyline & bleed
  • Artwork must have corner ticks or a key line showing the dimensions and/or shape of the label.
  • Include bleed of 1.5mm beyond the extent of the corner ticks or key line.
  • If there is not a requirement for a CMYK image, then generally we prefer to print in PMS colours – convert files to PMS.
    With CMYK artwork we recommend where possible that tints do not drop below 3% to eliminate any possibility of a cut-off line where the tint ends.
Acceptable formats
  • Preferably Packaged Art Files, Ai, or PDF.
  • Alternatively: we can sometimes work with TIF, PSD, JPG, BMP, DWG, PNG files, but additional prepress work may be needed at our end to give you a good quality print result, and art fees would be chargeable.
  • We are PC and Mac-based and primarily use In-Design, Illustrator, and Photoshop as well as Esko DFE packages.