Stickers are perfect for you and your business. Whether you’re after promotional decals on walls, floors or shelves, visual merchandising stickers or even customised give-aways with special effects, The Label Factory can make it work. From just 1 to 1,000 stickers of any size or shape, for packaging, fun events, tracking tags, or the classroom, we can print them for you. Let’s talk.

Get sticking in any size and shape


Stickers are fun and versatile, and they cut through in uniquely creative ways for branding, promotions or sending a succinct message, whatever your business or personal project. The applications are endless: product sticker labels, promotional signage, advertising decals, warning and safety stickers, bumper stickers, novelty event and celebratory messages. We print stickers of any shape and with a range of decorative finishes and adhesives to suit your needs. Our print experts at The Label Factory have over 30 years of knowledge, so tell them what you’re thinking of, and they’ll help you get the very best out of stickers.

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Tailored sticker solutions for every occasion

When it comes to stickers, whatever you can imagine, we can create! If you need inspiration, our team is more than happy to step in and show you heaps of exciting ways to tailor your stickers for a unique purpose. It may be the shape, the size, or a standout embellishment and special finish that give your project or your business that unique and memorable edge.

  • Transparent stickers: perfect to showcase product ingredients or create a special effect on windows.
  • Embossed stickers: ideal for retail gifts or special invitations to convey a tactile sense of presence.
  • Holographic stickers: fun, engaging and powerful on almost any product or promotional material.
  • Scratch & sniff stickers: a classic favourite with endless potential for promotions and advertising.

Make stickers work for you and your business

Whatever you’re after, The Label Factory experts can guide you on all the creative and practical considerations for your stickers, such as the message you want to convey, or the conditions they will need to endure.

We print advertising, promotional or decorative stickers with special finishes or effects to enhance your message, and we ensure they are durable where needed, and created with the right adhesive for the job.

We can create stickers in all shapes and sizes, and we’ll suggest the ideal embellishment that can put your business ahead of the pack. Our wide range of sticker finishes includes textures like a grainy feel or a high-build label that is tactile and different. Foiling is a popular choice for stickers used on specialty products, awards, in the classroom, or as customised gift labelling.

Peel-and-reveal stickers are a firm favourite for many products, promotions and fun events, and The Label Factory experts can show you how to make the most of these. And we’ll advise on matte or gloss finishes for your sticker, depending on the requirements. We can also print double-sided labels that are ideal for clear product bottles, windows or promotional items.

Choosing the right stock for sticker printing is key to getting the best result. That’s where our printing team can advise you on the perfect material for your sticker job.

It may be coated or uncoated paper that you need, or perhaps a vinyl or polypropylene material is the right way to go. We can print on metallics for stickers that need to make a splash or use materials we know in the trade as BOPP or MDO. And for stickers that need to be tamper-evident, such as bottle openings, simply chat to us about your requirements.

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