At The Label Factory, our print technology easily generates a QR code and incorporates it into your label. QR (short for Quick Response) codes and smart labels offer great opportunities to market and promote products, using a small space on your label or sticker. Whatever your brand is promoting, customers can quickly access extra information and engage with you. We can generate a code and get your labels working even harder for you.

Add a QR code to take your product further


QR codes on product labels are a great way to direct customers and prospects. QR and smart codes encrypt any information you choose, like product details, a link to your website, a link to a promotional video, or a competition site. The codes are read quickly by free mobile phone apps, so including one on your label instantly turns it into a broader advertising tool. Any business with a web address, promotional videos, product testing surveys, social media sites or posts, email addresses or company blog posts, can be the target in your QR code sticker. The Label Factory’s print ‘wizards’ can advise you on smart labels.

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Take your labels into the digital world

QR and smart codes turn your labels into fun, interactive elements that lead customers to a digital experience. Once the code is on a mobile phone, you’re able to engage in creative ways, with video, competitions, free offers and discount coupons, and signing people up for further interaction and communications. QR and smart codes can store and digitally present far more data than a standard barcode, including URL links, geo-coordinates and text. So even a small label with a code becomes a much larger marketing opportunity.

  • Promotions: Add a QR code to drinks, food or cosmetic product labels, and direct customers to where you want them to visit.
  • Registrations: Use QR codes on frequently purchased item labels to encourage sign-up for prizes or free samples.
  • Education: A QR code on medical or health labelling can provide links to additional information about your product.

QR code labels bring your customers closer

At The Label Factory, we’ll show you just how simple it is to generate a QR code for your labels and use it for innovative marketing purposes. Your labels and stickers become a seamless link to your online promotions, advertising and sales channels.

We can offer either interactive QR codes for your labels, which are used for different links and can be used a number of times. Or we can generate static QR codes which use a one-off link so they’re perfect for competitions and single promotions.

Add a QR code to your label to direct customers and prospects to a specific website or to your social media pages. With codes added to your shelf advertising stickers, customers can access instant information even before they buy your product.

If you run constant promotions and offers that rely on customers entering personal details and filling in forms, streamline your business processes with QR codes on your labels. For consumer products like beverages or household cleaners, it’s the easiest and fastest way to manage promotions.

Smart codes have plenty of innovative uses, such as adding personal contact details on business-to-business product labels. The Label Factory team is ready to help you make the most of your marketing via smart codes on your labels and stickers.

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