Winemaking is a supremely complex and creative craft. So, shouldn’t your label express all the nuances of your wine’s character too? On the shelf, your label design sends the most visibly powerful message. From subtle matte finish tones of a boutique label, to rich, lustrous foiling on a major brand, The Label Factory print and design experts delight in bringing your vision to life in a beautiful, quality label.

Wine label creativity without limits


A great wine label should communicate the tangle and the intangible elements of your wine in an intriguing and standout design. Our print craftspeople are always happy to work with you, whether you’re after a bespoke wine label for an event, or a new label for a large established vineyard. If you’re a designer, share your concepts or artwork with us and we’ll go all out to help you create a memorable wine label that pays respect to winemaker and consumer. We’ll explore which stock does the job best, and embellishment techniques that can enhance your label. And you’ll have the benefit of our dedicated personal service and on-time delivery.

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Wine labels with winning finishes

Because wine bottles conform to just a few similar shapes, their labels have enormous potential for creating all the interest. So label design alone can have a considerable impact on sales. Our team is passionate about adding value to your label ideas to help you achieve this. With the best paper stock, the right ink and versatile special effects, our print gurus happily find your ultimate label design solution. They’ll also recommend the adhesive that works best. The Label Factory team welcomes your questions. They love to experiment to find your label’s ideal creative finish or embellishment.

Just a few of our techniques include:

  • Foiling: Elevate your wine label with a striking edge in a range of metallic tones.
  • Embossing: Create a tactile, elegantly textured and luxury feel for your label.
  • Foil-Emboss combo: Get the best of both with rich hues and a sculptured effect.
  • Matte laminate: Go for a softer, classic, more natural look and feel to suit your design.
  • Gloss varnish: Increase colour saturation and add depth and sheen to produce a smooth image.
  • Metallic inks: A variety of coloured metal particles create a shine to give your label a premium look.

Label ideas and techniques for winning wines

Bringing your wine label ideas to life is both exciting and daunting. It’s effectively your shelf billboard and the last ad a potential customer sees in the buying decision process. You’ve probably got between three and eight seconds to capture their attention and make an impression. When you want your wine label to stop someone, every little detail counts.

And that’s where The Label Factory experts come in. They’re brimming with knowledge, plus the drive and dedication to guide you in getting the best design and technique for your precious wine label. After more than 30 years in the business, our wine label expertise runs deep.

Firstly, consider carefully what you want your label to say and communicate. Should it exude a certain kind of elegance? Do you want it to tell a story? Must it have a natural organic look? Will it align with your other wine labels for a consistent brand?

We’ll work with you to get all of these elements into a label design that reflects your messages through the right paper stock and the best finishing effects and techniques. We offer an extensive selection of materials and our embellishments are available for high-volume brands as well as short-run bespoke or artisan wine labels.

Materials that speak the language of your label

We supply the widest range of label stock to meet your design needs. Our papers come in coated, uncoated, glossy, matte or natural kraft options, plus metallised paper, holographic material and even clear film for something unique.

We also offer specialty inks that combine with many of our tactile coatings and varnishes to create an illusion like moisture droplets. Almost anything is possible for your wine label, so bring us your big ideas.

Wine label embellishments for all designs

From adhesive labels with the right kind of glue for your transport and storage conditions, to fine finishes that take your labels to the next level, The Label Factory has the technology, skill and creativity to ensure your design owns the shelf.

Embossing and debossing create a very tactile and elegant wine label. The technique is like creating a piece of sculpture on a paper, and it adds a feeling of luxury and a three-dimensional prestige.

Foiling imbues your label with a most distinctive lure. It’s warm and reflective and the range of innovative colours we offer open up many possibilities. Foiling can be used on its own to highlight elements like a logo, and a hologram foil on your wine label gives a high-end feel.

Lamination is a thin layer that helps strengthen and protect your wine label against grease or stains. A gloss or a matte finish will give quite different characters to your label, so chat to our print experts to explain the look you’re after and they’ll advise you further.

Flexo or digital printing? What’s best for wine labels?

The Label Factory offers clients a flexible mix of innovative print technologies. Our state-of-the-art flexographic presses are ideal for long runs of high quality wine labels with our full range of embellishments. Our premium HP Indigo Digital offset presses deliver world class print quality for labels that are rich in colour and detail. Digital is ideally suited to niche wine brands and smaller varietal runs. You have the choice of all our materials and special finishes with digitally printed labels.

Our variable data printing capability on the digital presses allow you to change graphics and content from one print file to the next, as well as from one label to the next. This offers you the freedom to run seasonal, regional and promotional graphics that keep your wine labels fresh and interesting.

Experience counts

We understand that your wine label should reflect the product, but also provide practical and promotional information to the customer. Our years in the game are all yours when it comes to helping you create a label you’re truly proud of.

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