From office furniture and equipment, to computers, tools and stock, every successful business needs an asset register, and durable asset and property labels for smooth functioning. At The Label Factory, we offer customised labelling solutions for all your requirements and applications. We can print asset labels in any shape or size, using the best-fit materials, with sequential numbers or barcodes. And no order is too large or too small.

Labels that do the job in your conditions


Our customised print solutions ensure your asset labels match your specific conditions. Simply let us know where your labels will be used, and we’ll create the perfect solution. We print on material that is resistant to environmental factors like water, direct sunlight, extreme heat or cold.

Most asset labels need to remain intact over long time periods, so we use durable synthetic stock, and we can laminate for even more protection.

Our print technology offers the flexibility to print almost anything on your asset labels from sequential numbered barcodes, to complex barcodes that integrate with specific systems. And our in-house design team can incorporate your logo or other artwork into your asset labelling.

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Asset labels that make life easy

At The Label Factory, we understand how critical it is to identify and keep track of all your property. We also know every business is different, and your requirements are specific. Our label printing technology is innovative enough to deliver a solution, no matter how specialised your industry. Best of all, our experts know all the right questions to ask so that they can offer you asset labels that help your business operate seamlessly.

Keep track easily with flexible asset labelling.

Highly durable asset labels

Our Asset labels can include serial numbers, model names, colours, barcodes.

Asset labels are perfect for identifying and keeping track of large amounts of inventory or business assets that may be sitting in your warehouse. We can print barcode asset labels or stickers that include serial numbers, part numbers and colour types, making it quick and easy to identify your assets.

We can produce asset labels on synthetic materials such as PP, Vinyl, or for that extra durable solution PET. We often over-laminate our asset labels to give them extra protection even in the harshest of conditions, such as mining assets, and industrial equipment marking.

Equipment & tool asset labels

Equipment & tool stickers: Scan items in and out of systems and keep stock levels current.

If you’re the kind of business that needs to log which staff member is using which piece of equipment or tool, then you need asset identification labels. Make your processes smooth with labels on workplace property. You can scan items in and out of your system, assigning each one to a particular person. You can also keep records of repairs, maintenance issues, supply levels and more for each item, giving you a better overall picture of your gear.

Computer Asset Labels

Computer equipment stickers: Identify and track all devices and components easily.

As computer technology explodes, more and more components and accessories are being added. So any business heavily reliant on tech and electronic items requires a detailed asset labelling system to keep things organised. We can design and print the most appropriate customised solution for your requirements, ensuring all the bits and pieces in your organisation are identified and accounted for.