The right labels can help keep us safer in the workplace. At The Label Factory, we print a range of tough, durable labels that stay put and won’t fade. They can alert people to safety precautions needed when operating heavy machinery, handling hazardous chemicals, or undertaking high-risk activities. Alongside safety procedures, our labels can help keep staff out of harm’s way.

The right labels to take safety seriously


We create customised industrial labels to meet your requirements. Our print expertise and technology mean we use only materials and adhesives that deliver strong and durable labels that can tough it out in harsh conditions. Our industrial labels are manufactured to remain firmly in place, without peeling or coming away from the surface. And we use ink drying processes that prevent important text from smudging or fading. The Label Factory understands the critical need for labels to withstand chemical leaks, extreme temperatures and UV light. Chat to our team to detail what your labels come in contact with, and they’ll put their knowledge to work on the best solution.

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Warning and hazard labels for all events

Clear, bold labelling in workplaces that face major safety hazards can make a positive difference. At The Label Factory, we focus our years of experience on designing and printing a wide range of robust and hardy industrial and high-risk workplace labels that can remind staff of potential hazards, alert them to safety precautions, and inform them of steps to take in the event of an accident.

  • Safety warnings: permanent cautions in high visibility areas.
  • Equipment instructions: specific precautions, with your logo included.
  • Chemical labels: hazard and first-aid information, emergency contacts.

Labels to help keep people safe

Safety warning labels

The best way to prevent workplace accidents is to put safety warnings in places they are easily seen. We design and manufacture industrial labels as permanent fixtures that strongly advise caution around potentially dangerous situations. Our labels can also be used as reminders to your staff to wear protective gear in certain situations. We can create a label to notify people of very specific requirements, like wearing hard hats, safety goggles, gloves or ear-muffs. Our warning and reminder labels can be attached safely to machinery and nearby walls with the right adhesive that keeps them in place.

Equipment instructions

Industrial labels are a great solution to communicate very specific safety precautions and operating instructions that help protect people and keep themselves and others around them safe. The labels will not fade or peel, so safety steps and advice, along with any other instructions, remain clear and legible. Labels can be used for any instances from reminding people to use the knees, not the back, when lifting heaving items, to the correct set up of a piece of equipment. The Label Factory can print your safety and operating labels with your own logo, creating a clear branded message that resonates with your staff.

Chemical labels

If you use any type of chemical in your workplace, then labelling for safety precautions and hazards is critical. In addition to your own occupational health and safety procedures, chemical labels are legally required to comply with government regulations. The label must identify the level of hazard the chemical presents, usage instructions, first aid methods, emergency contacts and more. Our print experts understand exactly what is needed and can help you meet your chemical labelling obligations. Chemical labels must adhere directly to the surface of the chemical container, and we can advise on the correct adhesive to do this. Our long-standing experience means you don’t need to worry if the chemical comes into contact with the label. That’s because our industrial strength labels can be manufactured to withstand many different substances.