Get the best label looks

Build a strong brand and product identity with your choice of label paper stock or print material. Whatever your desired look, we can supply a vast range of options that meet the aesthetic and performance needs of your labelling. Think glossy or matte papers, natural kraft paper, metallised options or even clear film and holographic material. Your label can truly unleash its creative side!

You’ll need to start by considering what your label needs to achieve and where it will exist. Should it be scuff resistant or water resistant? How will the artwork come to life with coatings or embellishments to suit your brand? Will your label be refrigerated, live outdoors or be placed in an ice bucket? Are you looking for a subtle ‘no-label’ look?

Every type of paper and label material offers different advantages, so it’s best to talk to us about your detailed requirements. You may be after premium or textured parchment style paper, or something in an exciting metallic colour. Perhaps you’ve thought about translucent paper with its unique properties that suit high-end packaging. Or you’re keen to include embossing and foiling finishes for something more tangible and elegant.

Every label calls for that special touch to ensure your design is an eye-catching and appealing standout. The Label Factory understand how to help you achieve it. Our years of experience ensure we can draw on the very best paper stocks and label materials to recommend solutions for your specific job.

Coated papers

01Coated papers

Coated papers are versatile and cost-effective and they’re compatible with a wide range of embellishments. They’re essentially encased in a layer of surface sealant or coating. This makes them fairly durable, and they carry a subtle gloss, although adding a matte laminate works well.

Images printed on coated stocks come up sharp and clear, with colours being vibrant. They make excellent labels for specialty gourmet products and wines.

Uncoated papers

02Uncoated papers

Uncoated paper, when compared to coated stock, produces labels that have no glare. This makes printed text easy to read, so an uncoated paper can be your best choice when your label contains a large amount of text. The stylish finish also creates a slightly more prestigious impression for your label.

Uncoated paper is more porous and it absorbs ink well. It’s also easy to write on, so is commonly used for specialty labels and cards that have this requirement.

Specialty papers

03Specialty papers

We can recommend many options, but for wine and beverage labels, a stock named ‘Poem’ is perfect. It’s a ‘semi-coated’ paper and comes in a high white, environmentally friendly paper base material.  It has a smooth surface and is coated sufficiently to prevent water penetration while it’s immersed in an ice bucket.

In addition to working well for eye-catching wine labels, Poem is a specialty paper that’s ideal for prestige point of sale labels for household products and cosmetic packaging. It also suits gourmet food labelling, and lends itself well to product images.

Synthetic papers

04Synthetic papers

For labels that need to be water, oil and tear resistant, synthetic papers are highly versatile. They can be used for indoor and outdoor product labelling. Their appearance and properties are similar to those of traditional papers, but synthetic substrates can provide additional benefits.

Synthetics offer unique textures, they produce vibrant colours, and they allow for longevity without the need for lamination. Best of all, they achieve all this while remaining 100% recyclable.

Environmentally friendly label materials

05Environmentally friendly label materials

If your brand or product has an environmental or organic connection, it makes sense to label it with a material to complement this aspect.

There are plenty of options and we can help you choose from paper and material that is recycled, biodegradable, certified sustainable, or even produced from unique waste products like sugar-cane or limestone.