Whether it’s a shampoo label, an olive oil label, a label that needs to be run through the dishwasher, or a heavy-duty outdoor industrial label, our expertise will guide you towards the best waterproof, water-resistant and weather-proof labels. Simply make a time to chat to our team who can answer all your questions, including those you may not even know you have! We love to help solve your label problems.

Outdoor waterproof and weatherproof labels


For outdoor products that must withstand the elements, durable waterproof labels are a must. We can produce these labels to ensure they withstand heat, cold, rain, dirt and more. Unlike regular paper labels, waterproof labels are resistant to oils and will not tear, making them ideal for labelling items such as pot plants through to chemical storage drums. They are also unaffected by significant temperature changes and they are UV resistant.

Our weatherproof stickers will also withstand exposure to rain, snow and sunlight. We can print on premium vinyl and apply permanent adhesives, and we can coat them further with a protective laminate for further resistance to fading and scratching.

Do you need labels or stickers for consumer products that will be carried around the world by travellers to different climate conditions? How much moisture resistance should they have? What about labels that are used in water on a daily basis? The possibilities are endless, so chat to us about your waterproof labelling needs.

Synthetic and polyester labels

These are exceptionally durable labels, and they are made entirely of a plastic substrate material. They are waterproof and resistant to tearing, and they perform well in many challenging conditions. They’re ideal for any labels that will have high exposure to weather and moisture condition, including oils, and labels on products and items that will be handled regularly. Like our paper labels, these can have an optional gloss or matte laminate for extra protection and durability, and to create a high impact finish.

Clear labels

These are a type of synthetic, plastic-based label that are transparent. Your label design is printed onto the clear surface, allowing parts of the design to be totally transparent. Whether you have a utility product or a high-end consumer product, such as a liquor brand, clear, synthetic labels offer all the benefits of being waterproof and weather resistant, plus the added advantages of looking attractive with innovative and creative design elements.