Lamination is a thin layer of film added to the surface of your label. It provides a plastic barrier as an added protection for the label, giving it a level of strength, rigidity and durability. For labels that are exposed to oils, liquids, or other agents, lamination is ideal. It also protects labels against scuffing and smudging, so products that experience heavy use and handling in damp or dirty environments will benefit most from laminated labelling. A laminated film also protects your label’s appearance and quality.

Protecting your labels with style


Printed labels are often laminated to protect them from moisture, stains, grease, tears and anything that may shorten their useful life. We recommend lamination rather than a varnish in these circumstances, and our modern lamination techniques ensure your labels still look stylish.

Consider the conditions your labels will face when thinking about lamination options. Will they be indoors or outdoors? Will they be handled frequently? Will they be exposed to sunlight, rain or damp conditions? Will they need to stand up to friction, hot liquids, or even potential industrial chemicals? How long will each label need to last while still preserving clearly readable instructions, safety information or emergency details?

Labels that need protecting may need different laminated finishes, and it is vital to choose the safest solution for your product’s integrity. From industrial labels to household and cosmetic labels, our team at The Label Factory is well-placed to recommend the one that’s most appropriate for the challenges your product label will need to stand up to.

Gloss Lamination

01Gloss Lamination

Gloss laminate is a clear glossy film that provides a very durable, protective coating while giving the label a rich, glossy sheen. It’s extremely thin and offers very good clarity. High gloss labels are popular and cost-effective, and they look attractive on store shelves.

Their protective properties ensure your products survive transport and handling, and they are recommended for products facing conditions of high moisture, outdoor environments and contact with chemicals.

Matte Lamination

02Matte Lamination

Matte laminate is a clear matte film applied to the face of the label. It provides a protective coating while giving the label a classic, softer matte finish. Matte lamination offers protective benefits while creating a more subtle effect than a gloss finish. With a different feel, it gives a modern and more ‘natural’ look to your labels and may suit your design better.

This technique is most often used in beverage labels, such as craft beer or wine, and for personal care or cosmetic labels. Matte laminate is equally durable and ideal for harsh environments where products are exposed to water, weather, or chemicals.

Rough Touch Lamination

03Rough Touch Lamination

At The Label Factory, we also offer Rough Touch lamination for extra product enhancement. Our rough touch laminate gives an instant tactile wow factor to your labels, and is hugely popular on products that are held in the hand of the consumer, such as Beer Can Labelling, and Beverage labelling.

This extra tough tactile option provides another level of protection and offers your product a point of difference, and a key talking point amongst consumers.