Make sure your product really sings on the shelf with a label that sets you apart. The Label Factory is all about turning the spotlight on your brand with custom designed product labels that connect with customers. Our print craftspeople love getting inspired by label ideas, so bring yours to them now, and they’ll get to work on something that’s brimming with quality and creativity.

Let your labels make all the difference


Every product deserves a unique identity. Whether it’s a bespoke jar of gourmet produce, a delicate cosmetic holder, an everyday household cleaner, or a craft beer bottle, its label design and special finish gives it the edge. Here at The Label Factory, we get how important branding is for your products. So we go the extra mile to design and print something that’s just right, that’s legible, and that attracts people. Our expertise means we understand how each bottle or container will be used, stored, squeezed or held, and what kind of label works best. No matter the shape, our dedicated label experts will find a solution.

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Flexible, beautiful print options for product labels

The Label Factory is proud to offer you a choice of flexible print technologies that meet your needs efficiently and beautifully, no matter how small or large your job.

In addition to flexographic printing, we offer leading digital printing that’s often the perfect solution for food labelling. This innovative technology is perfect for short runs or frequent label changes, and it ensures you receive high-quality labels to meet your budget and timeline. Food labels can also be enhanced with many creative embellishments, including lamination, varnishing, embossing, foiling and tactile finishes.

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