Labelling of injectable medicines, fluids and lines is a significant patient safety issue, and clear, standardised labelling by the user at the point of preparation should help to reduce the risk of medicine administration errors.

Labels With Compliance


At The Label Factory we are fully compliant with national standards and recommendations for user-applied labelling of injectable medicines.  As a trusted supplier to the medical industry, we keep the complete range in stock, ready for despatch.

The labelling recommendations provide a standardisation for clinical practice in Australia. Labelling should identify medicines and fluids removed from original manufacturer’s packaging prior to patient administration The recommendations aim to promote the safer use of injectable medicines. Our print team keeps ahead of any labelling reviews and updates, such as the 2015 introduction colour coding by medicine class in accordance with the Anaesthetic Labelling Standard.

With more than 30 years of sound experience producing injectable medicine labels, The Label Factory team is well-versed in all issues and continues to supply the medical industry with quality, compliant labels.

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