Whether it’s a quirky craft beer bottle, a crystal-clear water bottle, a vintage-style cider bottle, or a trendy kombucha bottle, your label is the element that connects with customers most. The Label Factory’s creative expertise and print technology can elevate the labelling of your beverage or bottled produce, in glass, or plastic of any shape.

We also specialise in Beer Can Labels for small-batch brewing companies. Take a look!

Stand out on the shelves


We know the best options for labels that resist moisture or withstand heat or cold. We can advise on stocks for bottles that are packaged for transport or stored in refrigeration. And we’ll ensure your product information remains clear and legible, including barcodes or QR codes, while your branding grabs attention. No job is too small, and we can produce customised or bespoke labels for special events, opening up creative avenues to corporate launches or celebrations.

At The Label Factory we offer ultra-clear labels that allow your beverage or produce to show its fresh ingredients and colours. Or we can enhance your label with a laminate or varnish, or even foiling. Our tactile finishes can echo the contents, such as a grainy or sandy feel on a cold beverage label that speaks to the customer experience of enjoying it on a beach. The possibilities are endless, so chat to our experts.

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