As technology advances, product labelling techniques open up a whole world of creative possibilities. No longer is a label simply an information carrier. Today, every smart brand needs to invest in the most innovative and inspirational labelling to achieve breakthrough appeal to consumers. At The Label Factory, we understand this better than most.

Custom shapes and diecuts


Create a standout and bespoke difference with labels that are like no other. We can create labels that are rectangle, square, circular or any other shape you want. Think of it as a ‘cookie cutter’ solution that can add a new level of clarity and engagement to your unique product label.

Or take your design imagination beyond the usual, and consider how irregularly-shaped labels can create an identity that is one of a kind and memorable. Your choices could include extra-rounded corners, sharp geometric angles, two-part labels, or torn-look edges. If your product has an interesting shaped container, why not use an unconventional label shape to match it and differentiate your brand?

Our bespoke diecutting ability means we can offer you and your designers the flexibility and almost endless possibilities to create something that is a true standout in every sense.

When it comes to shapes, we can use dies to cut your label into a chosen shape in a wide variety of labelling materials, including paper, foil, board, plastic, tape, foam or rubber. We hold a large variety of dies in stock, so it’s possible we have the one you’re after for your label. If not, we’ll happily get it for you.

Peel and reveal

Whatever you call them, peel and reveal type labels are fun, engaging and perfect for all kinds of products. Think about small areas on consumer products for promoting competitions, giveaways or events. They’re tactile and intriguing, and they ensure a high level of consumer engagement with your product.

Peel and reveal, or peel and read labels are generally made from waterproof films that allow plenty of handling. Whatever your label design and print material, The Label Factory can include a layer to be peeled away that will not damage or compromise the look or performance of your label.

Underneath a peel and reveal area, you have the freedom to include promotional and detailed information. For products and packaging where space is at a premium, a peel away label is ideal for revealing important information and expanded text.

Expanded content labels

With a growing demand for regulatory information on labels in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household and industrial sectors, peel and read type labels with expanded content make excellent solutions. Within a limited area, we can provide additional surfaces on packaging labels that allow extended content to be included, without your product having to sacrifice branding, design and shelf appeal.

Solutions can incorporate a resealable hinged or a multi-page booklet design. This means your label can deliver three or more times the usable area of a similarly sized label. Expanded content labels work well for cautionary indications, multilingual translations, nutritional information or even coupons.