Our self adhesive label and sticker solutions are available in small or large quantities, and our clients come from all size businesses across WA and beyond. We have the ability to provide label solutions for precise, technical applications where compliance and standards are paramount as well as solutions for retail brands wanting to show some artistic flair.

Labels For Many Industries


We have extensive experience in printing quality labels and adhesive stickers for all kinds of industries. From boutique wine  labels with game-changing finishes, to supermarket own labels, barcodes, QR codes and ultra-reliable medical stickers, our knowledgeable Label Factory team has seen it all.

We are dedicated to delivering the best possible finished product for you, whether your focus is on artistry or reliability.

We understand the ins and outs of paper, ink, adhesives and critical requirements of product labels when it comes to storage, refrigeration, transport and display. It’s simply part of our service to ensure you have our vast technical insights supporting your job every step of the way.

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