Foiling on labels elevates your brand, giving it a sense of luxury and quality. There’s a beautiful edge to a foiled label, and the metallic tones convey warmth, depth and add value to the product. Foil can be used to highlight a part of your label design, to emphasise a celebrated logo, or to add a simple, distinctive border.

Reflective luxury foiling in many colours


Foil is a striking and elegant finish that’s unlike any other. On a shelf, a foiled label refracts light, draws customer attention and communicates quality. Its premium effect is instant and a label that’s foiled has both a reflective depth and an exciting lure. Foiling gives your label a bold metallic shine, or it can be used to subtly highlight aspects of your logo and label design.

Our foiling process will depend on the look you are creating for your label. We may use cold foil or hot foil. At other times, we may recommend metallised material as being best for your requirements. There are many possibilities to help you achieve the look and meet your budget.

When it comes to foil colours, think much further than gold and silver. Of course they are the most popular and most commonly used metallic colours. But hot stamp foil and cold foils come in a rainbow of innovative colours and designs, and even as holographic patterns. Talk to The Label Factory about our range of foil colours that include gold, silver, bronze, copper, rose gold, matt silver, black, white, and green – to name but a few.



This process is also known as hot foil stamping. Originally used in book binding and even leatherwork, it’s now also a great way to embellish labels. It uses a custom metal tool that is mounted on to the printing equipment and heated to a high temperature. When pressure is applied by the hot stamp die, the heat causes the foil to transfer to the label material. The hot stamp process allows a very high level of detail to be transferred to the label material. It’s an excellent way to add fine text, filigree, or foiled line work to a custom label.

Hot foiling creates an effect that is classic and luxurious. Think about premium wine labels, or gourmet food labels. It generally works best on uncoated and textured paper stocks. Hot foils have a wider range of colours and effects, including holographic, when compared to cold foils.

Cold Foil

02Cold Foil

The cold foil process is more cost effective as it requires only a standard printing plate. It still offers a range of colours and effects, including holographic patterns. During cold foiling, a special adhesive is printed onto the label for the cold foil to stick to. The label passes through pressurised rollers, then a UV dryer for curing, and the cold foil remains adhered to the label material.

Cold foiling is over-printable, the advantage being that we can create a multi-coloured foil or a foil that’s a specific colour. It’s also a more cost-effective option when your labels need a little glitter. Cold foil works best on film stocks and high gloss, non-absorbent papers. Talk to The Label Factory team for all the expert knowledge to help you get the best result.

Hologram Foil

03Hologram Foil

Why not add a hologram label to really make your item stand out in a fantastic way? A hologram is impressive and associated with high-end products and services that are innovative, extremely well crafted, and authentic. The 3D effect created by a hologram sticker is highly engaging and associated with professionalism. It can include features such as iridescent rainbows, sparkles or frost. Think about product labels or even wine labels with a hologram.

Foil-emboss Combination Finish

04Foil-emboss Combination Finish

The creative possibilities are endless with the use of metal leaf in combination with embossing. Give your label a textured, tactile and striking finish with the sculptured effects that foiling and embossing offer together. Using metal leaf as the foil element brings a rich, lustrous finish, while the embossing technique creates textural highlights to your label design.

This combination will be printed in perfect registration each and every time. So your one-off investment means you can be sure of a high quality finish that is impressive and distinctive.

To achieve a similar effect that is more cost effective, consider overprinting on a metallised stock. Just talk to The Label Factory print experts for more.