Food labels must meet many requirements, and The Label Factory’s print team is here to help you through the maze, whether your product is for large supermarket chains, specialty stores, or simply a one-off gourmet item. We’ll design and print creative labels for fresh, frozen and refrigerated foods, and for dry goods. We’ll advise on the best stock, the right adhesive, inks and extra finishes to enhance your label’s appearance, like embossing, foiling, lamination or varnishing.

For food producers big & small


Whatever your brand needs, our expertise is on hand. From large runs with machine applied labels, to smaller jobs with hand applied labelling, we get it done for you. We know about barcodes and batch numbers, and we’ll advise on the stock that meets your product’s storage and usage needs, whether that’s snap freezing or exposure to heat or sunlight.

The Label Factory produces labels for all rigid and flexible food packaging, from artisan bakeries to frozen supermarket meals and fresh meats. Our label designs set your product apart while including all nutritional and key information. We advise on the best dairy labels for glass, plastic or paper containers, and the right adhesives for cold chain storage. Our fresh produce labels can be customised for any packaging type, and our clients range from growers to packing houses to cool stores.

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