Specialty inks bring your labels to life in exciting and memorable ways. Give your product a distinctive edge with a label ink that begins customer conversations. From inks that react to heat and water, to pearlescent inks that change colour, glow, give off a fragrance or shine, your products can be experienced in many interactive ways through creative labels. Add a specialty coating to create the feel of beach sand, or glistening droplets of water, and your label becomes a brilliant marketing tool all on its own.

Specialty coatings add more life


With a textured coating or varnish, a label is not just a label. We can add one of our many specialty finishes to take your labels into a new dimension. From making the sand on a beach image feel sandy, to watching the snow on your ice-cold beer glint in the sunlight, The Label Factory can add life to almost any label. Let us create the illusion of water droplets, or add fun and tactile effects that make your label soft, rubbery, scratchy, pearlescent, embossed or glossy.

Our coating options can help your label have a textured look and feel, including a super-gritty sandpaper coating. Try a gloss or matt spot coating over one element in your label design to highlight it. And opt for a contrasting lamination film to create a highly effective look. For something unique, use a glitter-infused coating to give your label great focus.

Thermochromic inks

01Thermochromic inks

These react to heat or cold and change colour when exposed to certain temperatures. They’re ideal for hidden messages and design elements, and as a helpful gauge to know when a product is the right temperature for consumption.

Hydrochromic inks

02Hydrochromic inks

These appear only when exposed to water, so can be used for fun and intriguing labelling that requires water to see a message or design.

Photochromic inks

03Photochromic inks

These only appear with exposure to specific wavelengths of light, usually within 20 seconds, so can be intriguing for promotional use on labels.

Iridescent inks

04Iridescent inks

They contain microscopic glass shavings to reflect the entire spectrum of light in a prism effect, so label creativity knows no limits!

Glow-in-the-dark inks

05Glow-in-the-dark inks

These create a glow-in-the-dark area on label, so are fun and interactive with hidden elements and messages. They’re perfect for secret promotional messages and events. A variation is black light ink that glows fluorescently under a UV ‘black’ light, and can be used as a security device on labels or for promotional effects.

Metallic inks

06Metallic inks

These create similar effects to foil. Metallic particles in the ink create a shine and give the printed label a premium look. Inks come in a variety of colours

Chameleon inks

07 Chameleon inks

This specialty ink creates a colour shift when your label is viewed from different angles. It’s a great interactive way to use your design elements to engage customers with the impact of colour shifting.

Scented inks

08Scented inks

Engage the senses with a scratch & sniff ink that releases a fragranced aroma. For almost any product, this is a great way to promote a flavour, evoke an emotion or memory, or make a statement. Standard and custom scents may include vanilla, fruit, flowers, citrus or chocolate. Use your imagination!

Scratch-off inks

09Scratch-off inks

Labels can be used to generate excitement with promotional messages, prizes or rewards revealed when the ink is scratched off by a fingernail or a coin.

Silk screening for ink depth

10Silk screening for ink depth

Our silk screen process delivers smooth, rich colour as the special inks are laid down to create high density colours. For labels that require robust, opaque colours, silk screens are perfect for bringing designs to life.