Most industries rely on increasingly sophisticated barcode technology to operate smoothly and safely. So experience in barcode printing counts, from pathology and pharmaceuticals, to warehousing and retail. The Label Factory’s 30 years of proven expertise delivers tailored solutions. Whether you have simple or more complex barcode label requirements that need database integration, we are the specialists. Chat to us today.

Let us print your barcodes, or help you do it


No barcode print job is ever too big or too small for us. We can help you track library books to high value assets. The Label Factory specialises in the health, pathology and pharmaceutical industries, and we’re also well-known for our precision print capabilities for retail and warehousing.

We also help you print your own barcodes. If you use large numbers in a short time, it may be easier to print labels in-house. We’re the Toshiba agent in Western Australia, and we can supply you with direct thermal and thermal transfer barcode label printers. Better still, we offer technical support, servicing and repairs.

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Barcode print expertise for all industries

At The Label Factory, we understand that each industry has very specific and often unique requirements when it comes to barcode labels. Whether it’s the quantities, the stock, the size and shape of the label, or the adhesive required on a sticker, such as in pathology, our print experts can guide you through the maze of barcode printing. We provide simple and complex print solutions across versatile and variable businesses of all sizes.

  • Pathology: Accuracy with check digits, and specialist adhesives.
  • Pharmacy: Simple and secure for medications and patient records.
  • Retail: Point-of-sale processing ease, with logo or customised label.
  • Warehousing: Easy identification, printed on any stock you require.
  • Storage: Bins, shelves and rack labels with database print capability.
  • Filing systems: Scanner use for quick and easy identification.

Streamline your business with barcodes

Pathology barcode labels

The accuracy of pathology labels is critical, especially in emergency situations, and when so many samples require processing and tracking meticulously on a daily basis. For these reasons, we offer barcode labels that require check digits to be printed. This ensures the scanner reads the image correctly.

The pathology industry has a specific requirement for barcodes that involve specialist software or algorithms. The Label Factory has the expertise to produce the software enabling this function. Formatting and adhesives are also important in printing pathology barcode labels, and we use suitable adhesives to make sure labels remain intact on a variety of surfaces.

Pharmaceutical barcode labels

It’s essential to have an accurate and very secure filing system when storing a large number of medications. We can print barcode labels and stickers for this purpose, using simple sequential numbers. Barcodes also help to manage patient pharmaceutical files to keep their medication and other records secure.

Retail barcode labels

It’s unusual to find a retail product without a barcode. Almost every product for sale requires one, from cosmetics to crayons and canned food. If it goes through a point-of-sale or a till, it will need a barcode label.

The Label Factory recognises that you may want a label that stands out. So our professional designers can incorporate your logo into your barcode, or your barcode into your main product label. Let us get creative with your barcode labelling and craft something that’s eye-catching and unique, while still meeting the barcode requirements.

Warehouse barcode labels

Make your warehouse a lot more user friendly with a barcode labelling system. It makes perfect sense when you have a large number of supplies in a warehouse, and you need to identify and locate them quickly and easily. From storage bins with small parts, to shelves and racks, we can print barcode labels and stickers on paper or vinyl stock in any size and shape you need. We can also print from your database file, so let us help you get your warehouse organised.

Filing barcode labels

Barcodes are often applied to large and complicated filing systems for quick identification using a scanner. We can print simple sequential barcode labels for you, or more complex items containing additional identifiers. Whatever you need to streamline your filing system, The Label Factory has the barcoding print expertise ready and waiting.