We produce labels for every kind of beauty product, from lipsticks to moisturising lotions and shampoos. We can customise a label to any shape and size to suit your product, and still ensure it conveys key information in legible text that does not fade with wear and tear.

Market your cosmetics with everlasting labels


We will recommend which material is best for your label, based on how and where your product is used and stored. Will it get wet? Does it contain oils? Will it be exposed to hot water? Our printing techniques and materials allow us to design a label that holds up over the lifetime of the product. Cosmetic labels are crucial marketing tools. Our graphic design team at The Label Factory can either adapt or create a new design for your label.

We use durable vinyls and polypropylene stocks for cosmetic labels, and these can be cut to any shape and size. Because cosmetics need to withstand regular use, we often print labels with special materials and finishes. These include waterproof materials, specialty adhesives, moisture resistant lamination films, and materials that are water, oil, and chemical resistant.

The Label Factory can also print tactile labels that enhance the customer experience. A soft touch film is a clear, matte material with the same tactile properties of popular soft, pearlescent containers. This adds a soft, sensual texture to the product experience. Varnishes can also add special effects to cosmetic labels, creating the feel of linen or parchment.

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