Also known as identification or property labels, asset stickers have a wide range of applications. That’s why we customise our labels to your requirements. We can print stickers in any shape or size onto materials that will best suit your purposes. Just tell us what conditions your stickers will need to endure. We can create an asset labelling solution that’s resistant to almost any environmental factor. Water. Direct sunlight. Extreme heat or cold. We have something for everything.

Not only do our products withstand the elements, they also remain intact in the long term. While there are many different ways to use asset stickers, most applications are generally required for long periods of time. On top of using durable stock, we also provide laminating services. Lamination can strengthen your labels and provide even more protection.

What’s more, we have full flexibility to print whatever you need onto your stickers. From sequential numbered barcodes, to complex barcodes that integrate with specific systems. We have the capability to handle it all. Our in-house design team can also incorporate your logo or other artwork onto your asset labelling if required.

Whether you’re seeking one sticker or one thousand, The Label Factory is here to help. No order is too large or too small for us. But keep in mind, the more you order, the more we can do to offer you our most competitive price!

Furniture Asset Stickers

When you’ve got a large amount of furniture sitting in your warehouse, you need to be able to identify and track your stock. Asset labels are perfect for this purpose. We can include serial numbers, model names and colour types on your stickers to make it quick and easy for you to look at a package and know its contents. We can also print a barcode on the sticker to synchronise with your database system.

Equipment & Tool Asset Stickers

Do you need to log which staff member is accessing your equipment? Or who has a particular tool in their possession? Make your life easier by applying asset labels to your workplace property. Your labels will allow you to scan the items in and out of your system and assign each one to a staff member. You can also keep a record of repairs, maintenance issues, supply levels and more. Overall, asset labelling will make it much easier to keep track of your gear.

Computer Asset Stickers

Technology may be more compact these days, but it’s still made up of a lot of different components. With so many bits and pieces, it makes sense to use asset labelling to keep everything organised. Does your business supply computers and accessories? Or do you use a lot of electronic devices within your organisation? Either way, you can identify and track your computers using asset stickers that are customised to your needs.

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