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Boost your business with durable outdoor signage

Whether you want to grow your brand, promote your business or just print fun bumper stickers for yourself or to sell, The Label Factory has the equipment to print both small and large quantities. We have been printing stickers, labels and promotional signage for more than 25 years and have established ourselves as one of the most reliable and affordable printing services in Perth. Make it stick with The Label Factory.

Use your car as a canvas

Your vehicle is not just a means of getting from A – B, it’s also a travelling billboard. We make custom car stickers and car signage to suit all vehicles. Why not advertise your business while out on the road. Even if your car is parked all day, chances are it will be seen by many potential customers. Use this to your advantage and brand your vehicle with your company, name, logo or website.
Alternatively, use it as a fun canvas; celebrate your family with family car stickers or get some quirky or political stickers printed. Either way, talk to us, we’ll transform your vehicle into a funky car that now makes a statement. All our stickers and vinyls are waterproof and printed with vibrant light fast inks, resulting in quality outdoor stickers and signage to brighten up those Perth streets.

Bumper Stickers

All our stickers are made with quality materials; they are UV stable, durable and hardy, making them suitable for vehicles. We can also print bright graphics onto the stickers or provide vinyl cut lettering. Enquire now.

General Outdoor Stickers

Advertise your event, product or service, make a statement, or stick a sign on your store front window. Our outdoor vinyl stickers are printed with lightfast inks, making them durable and resistant to all weather conditions. Enquire now.

Promotional Stickers

When it comes to sticker printing, talk to your sticker specialists. We can supply them as singles for handing out in crowds at local events or performances, or in small batches for kids’ presents or birthday parties. Get stickers made at our Perth printing office and use them to promote your brand, company or products. These are durable labels that are easy to apply, and will peel off without leaving residue. Enquire now.


Use your vehicle as a travelling billboard by placing signs made from special vinyl cut lettering or full colour graphics, all made using high-quality vinyl, designed for outdoor use. Laminating the label can further protect them from scuffs and the sun’s harmful UV rays. Enquire now.


Brand your shopfront window with quality window signage or lettering. Get a quote online, it’s so quick and easy to do Enquire now

Advertising your business and growing your brand doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A little creativity combined with high quality stickers and/or signage can spread your message far and wide. Contact us for more details.

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