We can produce cosmetic labels for every kind of beauty product out there. From lipsticks and foundations, through to hair treatments and moisturising lotions, our printers can cater for it all. Once we know your requirements, we can customise a label to any shape and size to suit a variety of packaging types.

As different cosmetics contain different ingredients, we understand that our labels have to adapt accordingly. Our printing techniques allow us to use materials that will ensure your labelling remains intact. Is your product often used in wet areas? We can print onto an adhesive that will withstand ongoing exposure to hot water and steam. For essential oils and other aromatherapy products, we have the ability to use oil resistant inks and stocks. We can also use durable vinyls and polypropylene stocks to make sure your label holds up over the lifetime of your product.

Your label also has to convey the ingredients used in your product, directions for use and a lot of other information. It’s important that this text remains legible at all times. Only trouble is, your text will most likely come into direct contact with your beauty product. It may also endure a lot of wear and tear through ongoing usage. That’s why we use printing methods that can prevent this text from smudging or fading away over time.

Cosmetic Label Artwork & Design

While it has a functional purpose, your cosmetic label is also a crucial marketing tool. Your labelling is the first thing customers will come into contact with when browsing shelves filled with your competitors. It reflects your brand and expresses the features and benefits of your product. Using only your label, you have to tell a customer who you are and why they should buy what you’re selling.

At The Label Factory, we have an in-house graphic design team that can assist with all your artwork needs. Our creative team of experts can work with you to develop an entirely new design or adapt an existing concept. Alternatively, if you already have your artwork prepared, we can take your project straight through to the production process. Check out our artwork requirements to make sure your files are in the right format for our printers.


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