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The Label Factory are Perth’s experts in health, medical and pharmaceutical labels. Since 1989, we’ve been creating customised labels for various uses in the medical industry. Whether you’re looking for standard label supplies, or require a specific solution for a unique purpose, we can help you find a solution. We’re more than happy to supply a single label or an entire stockpile, depending on what you need.

Everything we do is centred around our customers. Your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we have so many clients coming back to us over and over again. On top of providing medical labels, we can also give you the ability to print some of your own supplies in house. We’re the Western Australian agent for Toshiba direct thermal and thermal transfer printers. Once you get your printer from us, you’ll get full ongoing support. Servicing. Repairs. Maintenance. Printing supplies. We can do it all for you.

Pharmaceutical Labels

As a pharmacist, we know you’ll go through a large number of dispensing labels on a daily basis. Each prescription medication you prepare has to be marked with the patient’s details and the dosage instructions.

We understand that you need to quickly print your own labels in store. To help make your life easier, we can supply you with preformatted solutions, so all you have to do is add the information that’s specific to a given medication. We use quality, removeable grade adhesives that are perfect for this purpose. What’s more, we can also provide you with an appropriate printer that will be easy for your team to use. Contact us today to get an all-in-one pharmaceutical label solution.

Health & Medical Labels

Almost every healthcare service requires a labelling system. Anything that belongs to a patient must be accurately labelled and handled with utmost care. Medical records. Test results. Patient samples. It all needs to be organised correctly.

We’ve got decades of experience in the medical industry, so we have a good understanding of what you’ll need for any given task. From label materials to adhesive types, we know what will be most effective.

In addition to standard labels, we also specialise in barcodes. We can produce simple, general barcodes or complex barcodes that integrate with databases and other software as needed.

No matter what your requirements may be, we have the expertise to help you find a solution. If you require sterile labels, we can produce the label for you and organise the sterilisation process. We also have the ability to supply labels that comply with the National Standard for User-Applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines.

Tell us what you need today, and we’ll do whatever we can to assist.


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