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Installing industrial labels is one of the first steps towards creating a safe working environment. Does your workplace involve operating heavy machinery? Are your employees required to handle hazardous chemicals? Do you need to follow certain processes when undertaking high risk activities? No matter what safety precautions you may need to take, we can offer you an industrial labelling solution to help keep your staff out of harm’s way.

We can create durable industrial stickers that are customised to your exact requirements. By using certain materials and adhesives, we ensure your industrial labels can tough it out in harsh conditions. Chemical leaks. Extreme heat or UV light. Simply tell us what your stickers will come into contact with, and we’ll provide you with a suitable product solution.

With decades of industry experience, our expert team knows how to produce labels that will last in the long term. Our industrial stickers are manufactured to remain firmly in place, without peeling at the edges or coming away from the surface. Plus, we use ink drying processes that will prevent important text from smudging or fading away.

Safety Warnings

The best way to prevent workplace accidents is to put safety warnings in place. You can use industrial labels as permanent fixtures that advise caution around potentially dangerous situations. Do your staff need to wear protective gear when undertaking certain tasks? We can create a label to notify your team members that hardhats, safety goggles, gloves or ear muffs must be worn. By attaching the sticker to machinery and nearby walls, your staff will be constantly reminded to follow safe practices.

Equipment Instructions

Sometimes you need more than protective clothing to keep your team members safe. When operating machinery, specific precautions may need to be taken. You can advise your staff of various safety steps and other instructions via an industrial label. From using the knees to lift and not the back, to the correct set up of a particular mechanism, you can include any information you need on one of our stickers. We can even incorporate your logo onto the design.

Chemical Labels

If you use any form of chemical in your place of business, then a chemical safe product is crucial. On top of ensuring occupational health and safety, chemical labels are also necessary to comply with government regulations. The label will identify the level of hazard the chemical presents, usage instructions, first aid methods, emergency contacts and more. These labels must be adhered directly to the surface of the chemical container. Should the sticker come into contact with the chemical, there’s no need to worry. Our industrial strength labels can be manufactured to withstand many different substances.


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