Beverage Labelling: How to increase sales with the right labels and packaging

One of the not-so-secret dirty little secrets of the beverage industry is that it’s not just the taste of the beverage itself but the beverage labelling that drives sales.

When your bottles are stacked beside countless competitors on a shop shelf, your wine labels and other branding can make or break your sales by influencing the behaviour of potential consumers. In this article, we’ll provide you with some tips and ideas on how to increase your sales with smart beverage and wine label design.

How to get started with your beverage labelling

Take Time to Create Your Message

Whether you opt for gloss lamination or embossed labels, your branding needs to complement and promote your message. The graphics, information, typography and messaging should work in conjunction with the brand image that you are trying to create.

Without an effective and consistent message, your product will not sell as much. You won’t be effectively targeting the right potential consumers; your messaging won’t land, and your beverages will simply be passed over.

Know Your Audience

So where do you start in determining your message?

The first and most important piece of information is to know your target market. What sort of consumers are you aiming at? What are their preferences and their likes and dislikes? Beverage labelling is only as good as its ability to attract the right consumers.

The more you are able to drill down on your ‘audience’–and by extension your own brand–the better position you’ll be in to design as effectively appealing wine labels as possible.

Top Tips for Increasing Sales with Your Labelling

1: Consider the aesthetic on a shelf

Your wine label design, or any beverage for that matter, needs to be eye-catching and instantly recognisable. That way it will stand out when a new consumer scans the aisle of bottle after bottle.

2: Invest in professional designers

The importance of your beverage label printing and design cannot be overstated. For maximum quality and maximum sales success, make sure to turn to a professional team of label designers.

3: Pick the right shape

It’s not just the label design, but the overall shape of the container that matters. Think about what sort of bottle shape will enhance your message and best represent your brand.

4: Choose your label material carefully

The Label Factory offers everything and anything when it comes to label material. Embossed labels, hologram labels, waterproof printing, matte or gloss lamination… There’s a lot to choose from, so take the time to determine which material best suits your brand.

5: Think about colour psychology

Colour psychology is the study of the effect of colours in influencing human behaviour. Black, for example, often represents authority, while purple is about luxury. Blue can signify trust and green emphasises nature. Make sure to incorporate colour psychology when designing your labels.

6: Look at how typography affects consumers

The font on your label needs to be bold and strong, yet on brand. Busier type cases can be difficult to read, so think about what your ideal consumer will experience if they come across your bottle on the shelf.

7: Invest in finding the right imagery

Imagery and styles on your wine labels can be the hardest part to get right. Play around with a few designs and ask for professional guidance and help to create something that’s both on brand and effective in driving up sales.

8: Lean into using technology

Augmented reality (AR) beverage labelling or even simple quick response (QR) codes on your wine label design can help to engage with customers and help your bottle stand out amongst competitors.

For more ideas contact The Label Factory

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