Top trends in wine labels and design  

What are the top trends in wine label design? How can you best stay ahead of the latest designs to ensure your wine is front and centre of consumers’ minds?

From typography and colour to label material and content, here are the emerging and upcoming trends in all things beverage label printing.

Emerging and Upcoming Wine Label Trends

Modern and minimalist

Clean and highly contemporary wine labels are making a comeback in the industry. Ensuring minimalist elements that don’t obscure your branding or confuse consumers offers many benefits as well as being an increasingly popular trend.

Use storytelling

In a sense, all branding is storytelling. But more and more consumers are looking for wine labels that convey a story that speaks to them. Artistic designs that evoke certain imagery and emotion, detailed descriptions reminiscent of Scotch whiskey bottles, and even utilisation of back labels for greater storytelling real estate are all becoming more popular.

Emphasising the natural

More and more consumers are prioritising environmental concerns and prefer organic, natural products. Wine label designs that advertise the environmentally friendly nature of both the beverage and its packaging are highly effective in today’s market.

Material effects

Embossed labels and other types of tactile materials help consumers engage and connect with your product. The Label Factory, for example, provides a variety of wine label material options to help you find one that enhances your branding.

Approaching labels as art

One of the most exciting trends in wine labels is the newly restored vision of labels as not just functional but opportunities to create art. Whether it’s the use of specialty inks to hand-drawn graphics, consumers are flocking to unique beverages that stand out with their artistic expressions and unique aesthetics.

The Classic Look (reimagined)

Nostalgia plays an important role in wine label design. Capturing an historic or classic look can help consumers buy into your brand’s story. Collectors of vintage antiques and lovers of traditional styles alike are driving up demand for reimagined yet classically looking wine labels.

Quirky and Memorable

With more and more products entering the market each year, making your wine label design quirky and memorable is becoming even more important. Leaning into brave, bold designs that reflect the persona of your brand is an emerging trend that isn’t going away any time soon.

Using Technology

Augmented reality (AR) labels and beverages with scannable QR codes are becoming more and more popular. Modern technology offers many creative ways of bringing your branding to life, engaging with your core consumer base, and attracting potential consumers to choose your wine over those of your competitors.

Stay Ahead of the Curve with The Label Factory

The Label Factory lives and breathes all things beverage label printing. We use the latest in printing technology combined with our intimate understanding of the most current of label design trends to ensure your wines and beverages don’t just taste a treat but look great as well!

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