When to update your wine and alcoholic beverage labels

On the one hand, updating your beverage and wine labels can be an effective way of rebranding, re-engaging consumers and reinvigorating your sales.

On the other hand, turning your wine label design on its head too often or too quickly can negatively affect brand awareness and in turn revenue.

Knowing how to utilise the best labels for your product is often all about knowing when to redesign your wine and alcoholic beverage labels.

Why update your bottle labels?

According to recent surveys over 36% of wine drinkers get confused by wine labels and over 50% find labels (of imported wines especially) confusing.

Beverage labelling does a lot more than just inform consumers of the alcoholic content, origin of the product and name of your business. It can influence and drive sales and even the taste/experience of your target market as well.

Updating your bottle labels can go a long way in ensuring brand loyalty and acquiring new consumers.

The Label Factory is a leading beverage label printing provider, so we know how important it can be to update your labels at the right time and in the right way. Whether it’s a new material, such as matte lamination, or part of a specific marketing campaign, for example hologram labels to celebrate a recent award, we’re here to partner with you for the ultimate wine label design success.

How to know when to update your design

Brand change/new direction

If your branding is changing in general, it’s important that your beverage labelling matches. From new colours to a whole new name, if your labels do not reflect your overall brand and positioning, the inconsistency is going to confuse and drive away consumers.

New products

Introducing a new product into the market is a great opportunity to update your packaging. Consumers are more than aware of evolving brand designs over time. Slowly introducing new wine label branding or a new style gradually by starting with a new product is a seamless way of doing exactly that.

When labels don’t work

Listen to your target market. If sales are plummeting or stagnating, your label is fast becoming dated, or you need to keep up with other changes in the market, having the agility to update your labels is vital. Fortunately, with a team like ours behind you we can ensure new beverage label printing is just a phone call away.

When markets change

We live in very interesting times. Markets change and consumer demand adapts. If you notice a shift in industry sentiment, you might want to consider a label update. For example, more and more consumers might begin to prioritise local wines and beverages. If you can take advantage of this in your label design, you’ll be positioned for success. Environmental considerations are another example of an issue that’s becoming more and more important in the eyes of consumers.

Industry awards

Has your wine won an award recently? Update your wine label design to let your target market know! Of course, you should only be advertising genuine and accredited industry awards.

Utilise in technology

Better bottling and production techniques, new materials such as hologram labels, and even Augmented Reality technology are all ever improving. Updating your wine labels to take advantage of new tech is a smart way to maintain your competitive edge.

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